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India is best known for its IT supremacy. It is but natural for this progressive city to have a proper infrastructure in education. A host of top quality boarding schools dot the city. Our country is known for its cosmopolitan culture which is reflected in its educational institutions as well.

Best Residential Schools in Pune

Best Residential Schools in Pune form an integral part of the Pune school circuit.

The overall grooming of children takes place here as they spend night and day among their teachers and peers in the Best best schools in india.

Best International Schools in Pune has some wonderful best schools in india that provide a strong base for studying abroad.

These schools are not only meant for students hoping to study abroad but some parents feel that such students have a definite edge in the global scene.

Best International Schools in Pune and the syllabus may vary from IB to GCSE or GCE although they adhere to certain norms of the Indian Educational System.

Pune and the surrounding areas have always been home to several popular residential schools. Pune residential schools boarding schools offer some of the best infrastructural facilities.

These schools feature among some of the finest schools in India. The quality of residential schools has improved over a period of time.

Earlier it used to be considered as an option only for the elite; however more and more parents are open to the idea of residential schools now.

In best schools in india, children get a hang of community living at an early age as in a residential school the children have their education and simultaneously reside in the school along with other students and teachers.

List of Residential Schools in Pune - Top Pune Residential School and these schools are built on vast areas of land and hence are usually away from the city, usually in hills.

Pune is geographically suited for residential schools as it has vast open areas and moderate climate.

These schools boast of international standards of infrastructure for academic and non academic activities in the Top Pune Residential School.

Education Features:

- The teaching philosophy at JANIRS is to stimulate in every student, a desire to learn and enquire.

- Faculty ensures that students are given focus and direction to bring their potential to fruition.

- Full time staff resides on the campus in the Top Pune Residential School.

- Specialists in various fields are regularly invited to impart specialized knowledge and share diversity in thought.

- The teacher- student ratio of 1:10 provides for personal attention and teacher-pupil bonding in the List of
Residential Schools in Pune.

- Planning and supervision of extra curricular activities, monitoring students in smaller groups and taking care of the personal needs of the students is practiced with commitment and affection.

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